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Nadel Phelan brings together a unique blend of experience that addresses the needs of infrastructure technology providers in the enterprise and SMB markets. With experience that spans over two decades, we deliver strategic and tactical consultancy that helps our clients grow their businesses, size-up and outmaneuver competitors, clarify goals, all while leveraging and preserving precious resources. We retain and train the best talent in the industry: people who listen, are organized, write well, communicate effectively and provide superior and dedicated account guidance.

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We continuously curate insightful industry trends that reflect the latest thinking.

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Strategic planning = Desired results

Success is a two way street. Nadel Phelan is selective regarding the companies we represent. We believe that it is important to have a good match between our knowledge and skills and the requirements of our prospective clients. Public relations is about daily working relationships, organization and process. We become an extension of your company, and part of your team that can be counted on to present the organization in a favorable light and to produce reliable results.

Our clients speak for themselves


They’re responsive.

“Nadel Phelan has been an integral part of TechGuard’s go-to-market strategy. We have been delighted with the quality of work, results and the responsiveness of the account team. Everyone is truly knowledgeable about the security industry and knows how to articulate the intricacies of our solutions; and what’s more, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Suzanne Magee, CEO, TechGuard Security


They’re strategic.

“Nadel Phelan is more than a public relations firm. They’re a strategic partner and invaluable member of my team. From industry expertise to public relations, their integrated approach to everything they do has consistently delivered value and generated results. It is their ‘can-do’ attitude and willingness to take on the most challenging of tasks that makes them winners with me.”

Jeff Popoff, VP Marketing, Redknee


They’re persistent.

“We demand aggressiveness, diligence and persistence to positively manage our target media and analysts. As a global company, we have diverse requirements and need to be highly adaptable to market forces. Nadel Phelan has seamlessly integrated its team with ours towards our goal of being recognized as the world-wide leader in our field.”

John McGuire, CEO, Trintech


They’re engaged.

“I’ve worked with a lot of PR agencies over the years. Oftentimes, the account is pitched by an individual with significant experience, but after I sign the contract, I never see that person again. With Nadel Phelan, the team I met at the first presentation was the same team I have worked with every day throughout the engagement and these are the same people who have delivered incredible results. I whole-heartedly recommend Nadel Phelan for the tenacious and results-oriented approach to public relations.”

Tsailing Merrem, Marketing Director, ABBYY Software


They listen.

“Finding a PR firm that listens is extraordinary. Finding one that is adaptable to the ever-changing media landscape is spectacular. Discovering one that understands technology down to the bits and bytes is exceptional. Having all three rolled into one organization is unheard of and yet that is Nadel Phelan. When I work with Nadel Phelan, I feel as though they have no other clients, even though I know they work with top-tier players. It is the team’s dedication to my company’s success that brings me back time and time again.”

Mike Skelton, CEO, Menta Software


They’re intelligent.

“Over the course of my relationship with Nadel Phelan, I have come to greatly value their intelligence, hard work, and dedication to providing quality public relations services. Nadel Phelan can ‘go deep’ through long-established relationships with the press, analyst, and venture capital communities and understands the importance of delivering strategic value for its clients. For companies that need to improve their positioning or elevate their visibility in the market, Nadel Phelan is absolutely the right team.”

John Jefferies, SVP of Marketing, IronKey