At Nadel Phelan, trusted relationships, media savvy, and persistence add up to great PR.

What is the ROI of PR?

We know the media contacts you need to reach and persuade. They trust us as a reliable source, representing quality products and delivering relevant news. They know we won’t waste their time. That, plus a lot of persistence by phone, email, social media or in person, means we get your message through.

Public Relations Services

Proactive campaigns. Rapid response. Hot trends. We pay close attention to what’s going on in the industry and make sure you’re the one commenting on the latest trends …if you’re not already defining them. Everything to maximize the quality and quantity of your press coverage.

We make influential technology and market analysts your champions. You need these gate keepers to be in your corner. We proactively engage with them to test positioning and messaging, secure media references and get you top ratings in their reports.

We establish your executives as thought leaders. It starts with a messaging strategy that addresses the business needs of targeted personas you want to reach. Bylined articles, blogs, speaking opportunities, industry awards and other assets validate your leadership role and bring the strategy to life.

We promote your happy customers as your biggest asset. We help tell their stories to show how you solved their thorniest challenges and delivered real ROI. These narratives are leveraged as case studies, success stories and issue briefs – so your sales team can move prospects through the pipeline.

We help you build the right kind of following and effectively engage them with content that’s arresting, genuine and useful. Effective social media can communicate with customers directly answering their questions in a platform they find most accessible.

We make sure you get all the accolades you deserve. Our teams track of all the relevant awards, and generate the fresh compelling content to win the recognition that will drive visibility and sales.

We put you on stage where it matters most, beginning with a strategic plan that prioritizes keynotes, breakout sessions, and panel events. Media and analyst roundtables too. Industry players want to stay close to leaders with a winning vision for the present and the future.

Your positioning and messaging can make your company soar (or sink). Our creative experts help you build the messaging that cuts through the fluff and gets right to the heart of what you do, how you’re better and why your audience should care.

Our media training helps make sure you come out a winner when you talk with the press. Clear, impactful messages. Smooth, solid answers to the tough questions. Our workshops teach your executives how to make headlines, get quoted, and avoid the pitfalls of media interviews.

When it hits the fan, you need a plan – and fast. Our experts know the drill when it comes to preparing you and your organization to respond in an emergency. With a go forward crisis communication plan, you’ll be able to swing into action, prepared … ready to play an active, role in shaping the narrative and safeguarding your brand.

The best way to lead a category is to create it. Our experts will help you define and stake out credible, ownable new categories. Then, we will help you demonstrate your position and persuade key analysts and influencers who can recognize your category and validate your leadership.