Articulating your value proposition in clear, precise and differentiating language.
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Bringing the power of big data analytics to strategic markets.
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Infrastructure innovation keeps the world of business turning. Our sincere enthusiasm for B2B technologies is contagious.
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Nadel Phelan is at the forefront of every aspect of mobile communication, from IoT to BYOA, and the technologies involved in getting wireless information from A to Z.
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Financial services organizations are always looking for new technologies to improve efficiencies and Nadel Phelan knows how to reach their key decision makers.
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Facing an insatiable demand for bandwidth, applications, and access service providers around the world appreciate our knowledge of their key initiatives.
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From local city councils to homeland security we speak to government entities in the language they need to explain technology purchases to their constituents.
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Horizontal Technologies


Security is a cornerstone technology for Nadel Phelan. From encryption to compliance, we understand the key differentiators of the evolving security industry. The burgeoning security market is challenged by a limited set of words that makes every company sound identical. The depth of our industry knowledge, enables Nadel Phelan to work with our clients to find concise messaging that clearly articulates the value proposition and benefits to customers.

Our clients have delivered innovative security solutions including hardware, software, and embedded solutions. Nadel Phelan has proudly represented over two dozen companies that have been acquired and integrated into security portfolios including Symantec, HP, Intel, IBM, TrendMicro and Sophos.


Big data has become a top initiative for most Fortune 1000 companies and is gaining adoption with SMBs as a business-critical technology. Our clients have delivered business intelligence solutions for SCM, CRM, SFA, CEM, workflow, collaboration, document integrity and data mining. Our expertise with web technologies, cloud based platforms and digital content management enable us to leverage synergies in these tangential markets. We work with key industry analysts and media to define the solution landscape and develop thought leadership for our clients.


Nadel Phelan has been at the forefront of bringing B2B infrastructure technologies to the market including: virtualization, optimization, storage, access management and monitoring. We work closely with analysts and media to precisely define the impact of these changes on businesses worldwide. In addition, we have an ongoing dialog with DevOps and NetOps developers in order to secure market leadership. Nadel Phelan’s experience has assisted with numerous acquisitions in the space by working closely with our clients’ management teams and partner acquirers.

Mobile Business

Nadel Phelan has focused on bringing innovative solutions to market. Our extensive expertise in telecommunications and our ability to leverage close relationships with global service providers enables Nadel Phelan to deploy strategic public relations and marketing programs for our clients. From mobile apps to embedded sensors, to satellite arrays our ability to differentiate and communicate value ensures that our clients are industry-advancing thought leaders.

Vertical Markets

Maximizing impact in vertical markets requires fine-tuned messages. Positioning suitable for one vertical market may not be appropriate for another. Our practice specializes in communicating features and benefits that resonate with each respective vertical market.

Financial Services

The early adopters of new technologies are easy to find in the financial services community, competing ferociously to expand services for institutions and consumers alike. Secure access to flexible services and personal information empowers users to find, evaluate, and manage most items quickly and efficiently. Continuous rollouts of new services, with enhancements to speed, security and personalization, have lead to an ongoing game of leapfrog between competing institutions vying for market share.

Our experience in supporting the technology successes of companies like JPMorgan, Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank, American Express, Bank of America, Visa, and MasterCard, enable us to bring your ideas to influential decision makers.


Nadel Phelan assists clients in successfully navigating the complexities of working with local, state and federal government agencies to secure favorable press and compelling case studies. Customer successes include work with:

  • All branches of the Armed Forces
  • Departments of Justice and Defense
  • Federal and state judicial systems
  • Governments and municipalities in all 50 states

In the future, all devices will be wireless, most will be mobile and each will need an ever-increasing amount of bandwidth. Industry heavyweights like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Telefonica and NTT Communications have realigned their thinking and intensified their interest in brilliant new technologies and services that have exploded on to the market. To capture attention in an ever increasingly noisy space, public relations excellence is an essential ingredient to ensure industry recognition of your unique offerings.


With growing regulatory requirements, legacy-data integration hurdles, patient management and privacy/safety concerns, healthcare information technology has grown complex and expensive. Administrators and managers are saddled with the formidable challenge of addressing all these issues while containing spiraling costs. With the adoption of new technologies, relief is on the horizon, but decision makers – more than ever – need to be exposed to the right solutions and feel confident that the expenditure will offer a desirable return.

That’s where our unique technological expertise and industry connections come into play. We help our clients gain visibility and access to healthcare markets and the key influencers within them, by drawing on trends in the industry to explain how new technologies provide benefits and relief.

Retail Technologies

Retailers today depend on technology for everything from bolstering customer loyalty and meeting PCI compliance, to implementing intelligent inventory management solutions and integrating security systems.

As the landscape of modern retail becomes more competitive, leveraging technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessary part of doing business. The Nadel Phelan team has worked with solution-based companies to help develop positioning and messaging that explain key benefits in a way that resonates with retailers.

The biggest names in retail have come to trust Nadel Phelan because of the quality of work we deliver, including success stories and case studies that showcase how technology transforms the customer experience.

We have worked with the industry’s leading retailers including:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Target
  • The Home Depot
  • Kroger
  • Walgreens
  • Costco
  • CVS
  • Lowe’s
  • Safeway
  • Sears
  • Best Buy
  • Tesco

For more than a decade, Nadel Phelan has worked with Cisco Systems, the world leader in technology certifications, to promote initiatives in e-learning and workforce development. For other organizations, we have brought training simulations and collaborative Learning Management Systems to market, that address the needs of corporate training departments and educational institutions.

Our ongoing efforts include collaboration and public-private partnerships with colleges, K-12 administrators, HR, industry organizations, teachers and students to bring technology and career opportunities to individuals around the world.


Our experience with regional and international energy leaders gives us a deep understanding of the entire energy ecosystem, from analyzing the impact of new laws and regulations, to fluency in multi-zone protection, seamless platform integration and remote device management technologies.

Whether nuclear, electric, wind, hydroelectric, oil & gas or solar, we know the technology challenges and regulatory requirements your customers face.


To succeed, a transportation company must combine the right technology with optimal shipping to increase efficiency along the supply chain. Our experience with airports, public transportation, fleet management, international ports and shipping empowers us to translate technology features into industry benefits.


Supply chain management is a way of life for manufacturing firms. Competitive pressures mean that improving ROI and product quality are jobs that never end. New automation, collaboration and converged communications technologies are reshaping manufacturing businesses around the world.

Improving business intelligence allows companies to make quicker, better decisions to maximize profitability, quality and time to market. Companies like John Deere, Caterpillar, Ford, GM and BMW all benefit from efficiency-boosting improvements made to their manufacturing systems by our clients’ products and services.