Harnessing the power of public relations

Global Media and Analyst Relations

Nadel Phelan delivers public relations aligned with your organization’s core business strategy ensuring that the PR effort is tuned to deliver quantifiable results.

Experienced account managers bring creative new approaches to convey your message. Nadel Phelan has earned a reputation among media as a reliable source for unique news angles and trends. By delivering relevant news and compelling story ideas, we have developed solid relationships with all the leading media outlets.

Our clients span the planet and our international experience and relationships provide the foundation from which we launch strategic global campaigns. Whether you are bringing a new product to market, managing an IPO or merger, or increasing corporate mindshare, our seasoned marketing and public relations teams will deliver tangible and measurable results that positively impact your bottom-line.

Additional services beyond outreach to media and analyst includes:

  • Analyst and media tours
  • Analyst days and roundtables
  • Media training
  • Webinars
  • Presentation assistance
  • Editorial calendar tracking
  • IPO and M&A preparation
  • Partner and alliance support
  • Product launches and reviews
  • Management of global teams
  • Category creation

Detailed reporting

  • Coverage updates daily
  • Weekly timeline calls
  • Mid-month hours activity recap
  • Competitive analysis
  • End of month summaries for stakeholders
  • Quarterly dashboards

Thought Leadership

Nadel Phelan’s thought leadership program takes into consideration the who, what and why of thought leadership. We work with your team to unlock the potential and unique view of the future that others will want to understand. Helping customers prepare for change and disruption. We do not apply a cookie cutter approach in developing thought leaders but rather work with them to find their voice and contribution.

Thought Leadership programs include:

  • Spokespeople development
  • Real-time trend commentary
  • Speaking opportunities identified and secured
  • Analyst report inclusion
  • Award identification and submissions
  • On-going columns in prominent outlets
  • Sound bite distillation
  • Standards bodies participation and influence

Content Marketing

Thought leadership isn’t just about creating awareness anymore. Today’s initiatives must produce actionable leads.

We know that effective marketing is driven by metrics. Nadel Phelan defines an overall strategy that tunes up and optimizes discreet assets to serve both public relations and lead generation campaigns.

Content Development and Repurposing:

  • eBooks, whitepapers, surveys and customer success stories
    Lead your target audience through the sales cycle with conversion content to drive qualified leads.
  • Bylined articles
    Draft byline thought leadership articles that leverage existing or newly generated content.
  • Blog content creation
    Increase search exposure and attract top-of-funnel visitors with blog posts.
  • Repurposing content
    We leverage your investment in existing content by repurposing it into fresh, relevant and trackable white papers, research reports and case studies that drive leads.

Optimizing content:

  • SEO
    We leverage current SEO trends and your keywords to guide qualified traffic to your content.
  • Conversion optimization
    Our content speaks to your targeted audience and provides them with a desirable call to action, whether that be gated content, a webinar or a request for a meeting.


  • Social media
    NPI designs and runs full-service social media programs that drive brand awareness.
  • Social listening
    We leverage industry leading tools to monitor and analyze conversations on social outlets. We listen for tone, sentiment, interests, competitive landscape, and build newly acquired insights into content that we develop to maximize impact.

Measuring Results:

  • Campaign analytics
    Marketing today is metrics-driven. We leverage a variety of in-house tools to run analytics on our campaigns and make real-time adjustments to optimize results.

Our approach:

  • Content audit
    In-depth analysis of existing content that identifies pieces that can be repurposed as well as gaps that can be addressed through content creation
  • Competitive analysis
    We identify your competitors content marketing strategy to determine opportunities and drive targeted campaigns.
  • Trend analysis
    We put content into context with today’s breaking news stories.
  • Customer personas
    We develop resources that speak to the business pains of key purchase influencers in your prospect, customer and partner organizations.
  • Strategy
    Nadel Phelan takes a strategic approach to content marketing that sharpens your marketing plans through industry analysis and strategic initiatives. We develop clear and measurable programs that can be easily tracked with metrics tied back to your business goals.


Collaboration is a requirement in today’s world of communication overload. Nadel Phelan uses tools and processes that ensure the highest level of productivity between our team, clients, and media.

At Nadel Phelan, we employ a variety of techniques to impact and guide the dialogue taking place among key influencers in the social media hierarchy. We make sure our clients are known and discussed by thought leaders who make the news by harnessing the power of collaboration.

Collaboration activities include:

  • Building communities
  • Internal communications
  • Leveraging cloud based services
  • Focus groups
  • Partner and alliance support